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Here in my country, people put up Christmas decorations really early! Some families go a little crazy and put theirs up as early as the later weeks of October. But the majority puts up their Christmas trees and lights and lanterns some time after All Saints' Day, November 1. Children start to go caroling around mid-October, too.

The Philippines is known for having the longest Christmas season in the world. Here, we feel all Christmas-y when the -ber months begin. :D And then it ends on the first Sunday of January, which is the Feast of the Three Kings.

We also have church masses at dawn everyday for nine days starting on Dec. 16. People say that if you manage to go to all of those nine masses, you get to wish for one thing and then it'll come true. :p

Let's see... I love Christmas because of all the food. :lol: And of course, I get to spend it with my family. BUT, I hate the fact that I don't ever remember spending Christmas with my mother around. :( She works abroad and only goes home once in a year (she stays here for two months), and sadly, her vacations always don't fall on December.

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