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Christmas is a time for families, for being together and appreciating what they mean to us. It's a way of saying 'Thank you' to everyone for being 'my family' throughout the year. Of course, we love our families all through the year and Christmas should be no different, it's just that special time for it to be extra special for everyone.

Six years ago, my mum died just a couple of weeks before Christmas. It was the worst time for all of my family and Christmas has and probably never will be the same without my mum. But that Christmas six years ago, no matter how difficult it was for all of us, was a time when, as a family, we all showed that the love and support we all had for each other, could still be there while everyone around us was celebrating. We didn't celebrate it like we used to, but we still enjoyed being together as a family.

Christmas will never be the same, but we make the most of it. It is just a time to say thank you to the family just for being my family.

This Christmas will be very difficult too. It will be my first Christmas since I got divorced and moved away from my home. But my daughter will be spending a few days and Christmas Day with me before she goes back to her mum and her family.

I think it is important to remember that Christmas isn't about getting loads of nice presents, the best present you can have is spending quality time with your family and remembering that they are the most important things in your life, not lots of nice presents.

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