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Looking back, I have been very lucky. Christmas Eve was always special. Everything seemed fine come this time. The build up began at the start of December, with the display of an advent calender and my father always bought a huge tree, which he spent hours decorating, along with the entire living room.

My brother is 10 years younger than me, and so I got to share the joy he had in his childhood at christmas. Our family was very close, and even though my father was away a lot, at christmas he was always there. We always had our extended family over for dinner, and some years up to 16 people came over! My mother just loved being the host.

I say lucky in that we never went short for presents and we were pretty comfortable. My mother now spends time with the local church to support the homeless in our city with food and clothing, and at christmas they are given a parcel, full of little gifts.

Both my parents were from large families, and they only ever usually got sixpence, a tangerine, a doll for the girls, and a tin of paints for the boys.

My father is no longer around and it will never be the same. This year will be spent in Washington D.C. We are both going over to see my brother, who is working over there for some time.

Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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