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The Chinese are not supposed to celebrate Christmas except those Christians. But we do! I heard that in the downtown tens of thousands of people crowded in the street on Christmas Eve. Conservative people criticize the Chinese are overdoing it. Personally I do agree. But I also hold the belief that students majoring in English or any other occidental languages like French, Spanish and Italian should never be blamed to celebrate Christmas or any other western festivals, because just as Charlemagne said "to have another language is to possess a second Soul." It's our second Soul that celebrates Christmas.

So I'm lucky for being majoring in English and celebrated Christmas with my dear classmates. I didn't have a digital camera until I was a junior. That year on Christmas Day, after class in the morning, we stayed. Our associate monitor Han Chao wrote Christmas on the blackboard and then he declared the moment for exchanging Christmas gifts. It was a great time. I took some photos. Han Chao got a post of Michael Jordan. My roommate Mabel received a little snowman and a Christmas card, she gave Linda a silk scarf.

Well, that is our way of celebrating Christmas. No Christmas tree and not religious at all. We were happy for being together and making some surprises for each other. Now we have graduated for over one year. Such celebration hasn't and will not happen again. I have new classmates and some are very close to me. We just celebrate it by having a big meal together.

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