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My brother's birthday is 6th December, so we always put the Christmas tree up the weekend of his birthday, and it comes down the weekend before my birthday (9th January). We also have a nativity scene which we put together on top of the fire place. We decorate the living room with tinsel and decorations, and then decorate the rest of the house, although not quite so much. My brother and I also have little Christmas trees in our rooms.

I spend Christmas Eve and Christmas day with my Mum, and then Christmas Evening and Boxing day (the day after) with my Dad. Christmas Eve we tend to gather round as a family and watch a film, or the Christmas television shows, whichever takes our fancy. Christmas day, we used to get up early, but nowadays we get up about 10am and have something warm to drink (especially my parents!) and then spend the morning opening presents, which usually takes a while as we like to have a system going- one person opening a present at a time, so everyone can see who got what. Then Christmas dinner is always roast turkey, which we eat about 3pm.

New Year is more a time to spend with friends, and usually I go out somewhere, usually London, for the night with my friends, and then at midnight, the phones are chocked by people trying to wish all their friends a Happy New Year!

I think that's about it...oh, and my parents always try to get us to sit through the Queen's Christmas Day speech. But we don't. I think it's just a joke to try to make us sit through it, as much as I like the Queen, but a lot of people do watch it!

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